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Domestic Customers
Sequence Security Oil Guards

Sequence Systems offer a full range of security solutions for our domestic customers. We install high quality components to ensure years of trouble free operation. A sequence security system offers full integration of all security devices.

Our alarm systems also allow for a fire alarm to be fitted, this allows smoke detectors to be placed in key locations with your home.

Sequence Security alarm systems may also be remotely monitored by an external monitoring station this allows for 24/7 protection of your home.

Remote monitoring of your sequence security alarm system will provide a generous discount from your home insurance provider.

We also provide C.C.T.V solutions for home applications, this can be as simple as a single camera visible on a TV station or complete remote access over an internet connection.

With fuel costs rising sequence security are delighted to now offer fuel tank monitoring capabilities. Fuel tanks may be monitored for tampering or a sudden drop in fuel levels.